Katrina Hiller

C L A S S I C A L   D R E S S A G E

Welcome to Wild Rose Farm


Wild Rose Farm is a showcase of the utilization of sustainable energy and design. We use various renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal and earth tubes. Recycled and locally-sourced materials have been used wherever possible.

The Barn

Our 38,766 sq ft state-of-the-art structure has become a local landmark with our solar panels visible from State Line Road. The aisles are climate- controlled with a low of 42°F in the winter and a high of 77°F in the summer. The barn includes tack, vet, and laundry rooms. It also includes an indoor arena, 22 stalls, storage for grain and hay, wash stall, club room and farm offices. Our mezzanine contains quarters for on-site staff and overlooks foal-watch stalls.


Our stalls are equipped with comfortable mattress flooring, Nelson automatic waterers with electronic consumption monitors, French door "yokes" and individual night and work lights.

The 3 foaling stalls are 18' X 24' and include a paddock. We have ten 12' X 18' stalls with attached paddocks and an additional nine stalls measuring 12' X 12' that do not include a paddock.

Indoor Arena

Our climate-controlled 86' X 212' indoor arena provides year-round riding opportunity fully visible from our club room. It features a 5'  kickwall, 2 large mirrors and storage area. Arena lighting can be increased up to 50FC, perfect for professional photography and film. Our "Pinnacle" by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces footing is a no-dust, non-watered surface.

Outdoor Arena

Our fenced outdoor arena measures 112' X 189' and features "GGT" by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces footing. This offers optimal impact resistance, additional stability, reduced dust and requires minimal watering.


Our 24-acre farm includes seven pastures ranging in size from one half to five acres. All pastures and paddocks feature 5' fencing by Lifetime Lumber which is comprised of 60% recycled materials and is fire-retardant. For the safety of our horses, the fencing will not splinter when kicked and breaks clean with no sharp edges.

Visit Wild Rose Farm online at www.wildrosefarmwi.com