Katrina Hiller

C L A S S I C A L   D R E S S A G E

Katie is a talented rider, horsewoman, and trainer. She is one of the few people who I would allow to ride my horses. She is also a wonderful instructor who brings a great attitude and a ton of  knowledge to the table  - Elizabeth Schneider, Maryland

Excellent teacher! Many people can be great riders but it takes a unique skill set to teach others. I had the pleasure of riding this past Sunday after a long winter off of riding (no indoor) and Katie was patient and understanding. She asked questions about my horse and what my riding goals were before we started the lesson. She worked with where we were at and I felt the improvements before the lesson even ended. She was patient and easy to understand. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their horses balance and forward motion and flexibility, even if you do not show dressage. - Heather Hansen, Wisconsin

Katie is an excellent instructor and trainer who shows compassion for both horses and riders. Her program focuses on throughness and correct
riding techniques. In the short time that I've been training with her, I have noticed a huge improvement in my horse's connection and throughness, as well as developing a better understanding of how to take my horse to the next level. - Courtney Mohler, Pennsylvania

Katie is not only an excellent teacher, but she is an outstanding student. She is always trying to better herself for her horses and human clients. Plus, she truly puts the horse's mental, emotional, and physical well-being first. If you value true horsemanship, Katie is the teacher for you! 
- Maree Stewart, Minnesota

Katie Hiller is a remarkable person, horsewoman, trainer, and all around fine example of the hard work and grit it takes to be successful in this industry of Dressage. Currently she is training and showing a young Oldenburg stallion we bred, by Rosall and out of our lovely mare Atlanta aka "Eddie" . Katie rode him for his stallion testing and he earned his lifetime breeding license with Isr/Oldenburg NA. I would trust Katie Hiller with any horse of mine, young prospect or more seasoned. She has proven to be a successful and valuable part of the Dressage community. - Wendy Costello, Maryland

Katie Hiller and I started working together October 2014. The results of her educated eyes & dedication in the details of my lessons with her produce remarkable results! She is calmly persistent in problem solving & producing successful results! - Deb M’Gonigle, Illinois

I have known Katie since she was 9 years old and have taken lessons with her since she was 15. Katie has helped me with 3 horses and her instruction has been invaluable. She is very insightful working withmany different types of horses with different backgrounds. Living in northern Wisconsin, Katie has provided me with many tools which allow me to have my horses progress while going months without a lesson. I've audited many of her clinics and have witnessed great progress no matter the level of horse/rider. We've had many conversations regarding equine wellness and nutrition and I greatly value her knowledge and opinion. I would recommend Katie to anyone who wants to create a true partnership and relationship with their horse. - Christene Hegewald, Wisconsin

With a trainer’s heart, this amazing young rider has matured into a remarkable instructor as well.  Katie Hiller has produced horses to the Grand Prix level and has achieved her USDF Bronze, Silver & Gold medals using tried and true classical dressage principals on self-made horses.  She has the amazing ability to translate her experiences riding and training a multitude of different horses into successful methods of teaching a wide range of students, students of all ages, sizes and abilities!  She’s not afraid to push a horse/rider team to bring out their best.  In addition, she instructs with the intent of giving the rider options to take home to work on – a self study program, so to speak – and she’s quick to respond to questions that arise as we work on our own.  Her effectiveness is evident as the Katie Hiller Clinics we host here at Plum Lake Dressage Equestrian Center continue to gain in popularity not only creating a waiting list for riders but also stretching our limits for auditors!  It is so gratifying to see ongoing improvement in our return riders.  Thank you, Katie, for always making room in your busy schedule to instruct your Northwoods students! - Debra Stephenson, Wisconsin