Katrina Hiller

C L A S S I C A L   D R E S S A G E

Official Sponsors of Katrina Hiller Dressage

Katie proudly endorses the following companies. If you are interested in supporting Katie’s career through sponsorship, or to see how she can help advertise your product or company, please contact her for more information.

The Classic Equestrian: A classic equestrian boutique, built by riders, for riders. Our offerings are selected with only the highest standards, honoring the trends of the modern day equestrian lifestyle. The Classic Equestrian boasts a large selection of high quality, high fashion apparel, tack, gifts and more. Located in Ada, Michigan.


Goode Rider: “Goode Rider has the most stylish, comfortable, and practical riding clothing. The line is not only fashionable, the collection is designed to provide women with the best fit, style and comfort, utilizing the latest performance fabrics and technologies. I can wear my Goode Rider clothing out to dinner or to run errands, and I still get compliments from non equestrians!”


Ubr water gives me the hydration and energy I need to ride and 
teach all day. Ubr is balanced with electrolytes and a higher pH to
give my body the balance it needs!"

The Athletic Rider - “The Athletic Rider is the only company I would
recommend for enhancing rider fitness. I met Leah, the owner of The
Athletic Rider, when I joined a fitness/nutritional bootcamp last
winter. Leah gave me a consultation over the phone to decide what
fitness program would be best suited for me. I was overwhelmed with
the support from Leah and the other members of the bootcamp. It was an
extremely encouraging and positive environment, not to mention my body
has never looked or felt better! My coaches have complimented my
secure seat and strong core in my riding, and my back pain (as all
riders suffer from) has improved immensely as I’m getting stronger.”

Trilogy - “Trilogy Saddles allow my riding and training to be as
effective as possible. I am at ease knowing that my saddles are
allowing me and my horses to perform at our best. Trilogy’s help give
the rider a deeper seat, longer leg, and a more secure position in the
saddle. My horses move freely through their back and shoulder,
carrying the rider comfortably and willingly.  I attribute so much of
my horses’ success to our enhanced comfort with Trilogy Saddles!”

Biostar - “Biostar is one of the most important factors in keeping my
horses healthy, strong, and happy. Their bodies have never looked or
felt better! My horses have struggled with ulcers, allergies, and
digestive problems from feeding commercial grains. Tigger, the
formulator of Biostar, has a wealth of knowledge and is always so
helpful in answering my questions about health and nutrition. A
healthy, strong horse starts from the inside. My horses will never go
without Biostar Supplements and the Whole Foods Diet.”